Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hi-sorry but I accidentally added a photo to Macae's post.
Macae-Oops! I tried but can't get it off the blog!
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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

Hi Gals-I don't have to ask what you've been doing as the weather has been awesome and we are all starting to be outdoors as much as possible. I was looking at the Blog and realized I hadn't added anything since early March-once the weather hit, I was MIA.

At the same time, I ran with Pat, Delilah, Christine, and Ray at the Drumm Run on March 7th. It was a TRAIL run=running through fields over rough terrain, and up a hill that makes Monkey Mountain look like a mole hill!

I have been dealing with foot issues, and that seemed to irritate it.

Then came the dreaded pictures. Pat made some of our WOW shirts on a test run, and some were a really cool, visible, yellow. Needless to say, it makes one stand out. And whether it was my shirt or maybe not looking all that cool, they took ALOT of pictures of me. I think I counted myself in 17 pictures.

It was a great day, good friends, beautiful weather and my first 10K! But when I saw those pictures of myself, I was sort of disappointed. Is THAT what I look like running? Are my legs, gaining muscle by the minute, really that size? Do I appear to pant like a St. Bernard in Arizona when I run?

So, I used my aching foot and deflated ego as an "excuse"to sort of bail the past two weeks. I kept telling myself that I was becoming a runner, then that picture didn't paint a very pretty picture-I was still just me, pretending to be a jock. And I looked "silly".

So I sulked, stewed, moaned about my foot, which still hurts, and did nothing.

For whatever reason, I decided to run today-maybe it was the getting a peticure and thinking these feet need a little action. So off I went. I did an easy 3 miles-didn't know how I looked, but I felt great. My pace was better than it had been before the Drumm Run. So I thought, enough with the excuses, I need to get back in the game!

It's easy when things aren't quite to our liking to make excuses to not show up. But the only person we will let down is ourselves. As much as I disliked the pictures of my not so Rico Suave self running-I missed the feeling I have while I run. So if you see what appears to be Phoebe from Friends running down the street in a bright yellow shirt-it's me! And I know, I don't look fabulous-but I sure feel that way when I run!

Also-I now have a laptop! So if there is a beautiful day-I can blog on the deck, porch, or even by our pool! So no more excuses! I'm back!

Hope to see you on the road!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Inspiring the Next Generation of WOW!

Okay, so I had to miss yet another race to do stuff with the kids! Sometimes I feel that my life is all about being something to everyone else. I guess that just comes with putting on the hats of Mom, Wife, Teacher, Etc. I probably wouldn't want it any other way.

The great thing about missing my race on Saturday is that I didn't miss Emerald's. She just had a short 3 laps around a circle at the AWANA's games, but she came in first in her heat!!! She looked up the bleachers at me after that race and beamed!!!

She had run with the WOW group several weekends ago and made it about 2 miles before she tired out and walked the remaining 4 miles. What a trooper. She really is enjoying running. It is amazing how changing one little thing in my life caused such a change in hers. I hope it sticks with her -- I can't wait for the day she can do a 5K with me! Maybe we will set our sites on the KC Breast Cancer Run.

Just remember for those of you who are moms or will be moms -- those kids watch everything we do. Hopefully they catch the good things!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We will be Butterflies!

Hello Ladies-
Well it is almost officially spring! Daylight Savings returns Sunday (don't forget to spring forward) and spring starts in two weeks!

With that comes more time outside, gardening, bbq, tans, and races!

I know I have been slouching the past week with my running/diet/blogging/everything. I have the blahs. And I think when we work so hard at something, it is hard to get frustrated to not see the immediate results we wish for.

I want to lose weight (so I can run faster mostly) and I am slowly trodding down the street. So I get a little jealous when some of my pals are trucking along at a 9 mile a minute pace.

It's easy to give up, and it's sure hard to keep going. But things don't happen overnight. The thing that makes it so difficult is the lack of/desire for patience.

We've all trudged through winter, the snow, cold, ice, and sniffles. Sweaters, sweats, dark days, cold nights. And we've waited, watched, and even prayed for even a taste of springtime. Tomorrow is going to be wonderful!

We didn't just give up and stomp our foot saying "Pooey-I don't care if it's ever spring!"

We knew, if we waited, eventually it would arrive.

Well ladies-no matter how frustrated you are at times with your workout-if you just keep with it, eventually YOU will arrive too! More easily or quickly for sure. But before you know it, you'll be running that 9 minute mile and remembering how long you looked forward to it!

We've all been or are there-so don't be discouraged! It's spring! Here is a quote to end this note-and also the artwork for our fabulous WOW Shirts- which will be available to order soon! Thanks to Sarah Coats, WOW gal for her awesome design and working hard to capture what we envisioned!

Quote-"How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."-Trina Paulus

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday's Meeting

Hi ladies,

Well a handful of us braved the snow and cold to meet on Saturday. We have decided on a logo, what color we are going to have shirts printed on (t-shirts and wicking) and we have also decided we need more information from those ladies that are part of the group. Here is a list of information that we would like for you to send us so that we can take the next steps to get this group going:

Email address
If you are a walker or runner
Minutes per mile (ex. I walk/run a mile in about ____ mins.)
Distance you are currently traveling
Goals (ex. lose weight, walk/run at least __ times a week, do a 5K, 10K, half mara., marathon)
What kind of running workouts are you looking for? (distance, tempo, etc.)
What days and times work best for you? (Multiples answers are great)
Do you have children? Ages?
What kind of info. would you like from the group?
Do you have a running/walking partner?
What experiences do you have? (Would you be willing to share your expertise?)
How do you prefer to be contacted?
Any other information you think might be relevant.

Please email us the information at

We realize that with such a big group it is going to be hard to get the whole thing together at once, so we would like to try to help those who are interested find running/walking buddies, or at least a group time that would meet their needs. We want the club to be tailored to your needs and wants as well as our own. We also want to make sure that everyone feels they are welcome at whatever level they are at. Whether you run a 7 min. mile or walk a 15 min mile; have participated in races for years or have never had the thought cross your mind until we mentioned it; we want you to know you are welcome!!! I do not want anyone to be intimidated by the fact that on some of the Saturday runs there are some that are running 6 or 10 miles, we can help you find someone else on your level with the same kind of goals, so that we can all work together and get want we need out of the group.

Please email us back soon!