Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Road Runner Honey!

Hey Ladies!
I have noticed that there are becoming more and more women running the Burg-and they are WOW women!
Isn't it cool that there are so many women needing this group, desiring the friendship and fitness, and we have found one another? I have already made some awesome new friends. Think it isn't even spring-how many more people will we meet when the weather is nice?

I feel very grateful that we have put this group together. Women are the doers of all things-we do do do for all people, but rarely do for ourselves. Sometimes we don't only do that, but give ourselves the shaft-neglect. No time, no fitness, no fun, no friends.

I see so many great things coming from this group. Some of us are traveling to Raymore on Saturday for the Miles for Matt-a benefit for an 8th grader suffering from a brain tumor. We have been gathering, we have been running/walking together. We have emailed, blogged, and chatted-seen each other on the road and waved.

But attending the event for a young man, where we all step up, show up, and maybe meet him and his family is a huge thing. We are climbing forward as a group not only to better ourselves but make life better for others.

This is something I see our group doing-many times in the future!

The feeling of doing something like this is sort of contagious-I'm thinking WOW is not only going to be creating a buzz in the Burg, but at other races/events in MO.

Women are powerful, loving, intentful creatures-we nurture, and we are ferocious.
I think our club can accomplish all things we set our minds and feet out to do!

Hope to see you on the road!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Teri's puttin' in overtime

Okay, I feel kinda like a slacker! Teri has blogged about a hundred times since I even looked at the site -- oh to have self-sufficient children, it is these times that I am okay with the fact we decided to stop at three (although I have the other times too)!

Well, I have been feeling the pain of becoming a runner so I am trying to make sure to take it a little easy on my hip and figure out what the problem is before I really hurt myself.

There are times I feel like a runner and times that I feel pretty dumb about running. Things like I know I need to stretch, but am not sure about which stretches to do. I did order a subscription to Runner's World to try to gain more information.

I guess in Teri and my mind this was probably one of the reasons to start a running group. To have a group with seasoned runners, newbies, and those in the middle all working together to make the best possible runner/walker out of each of us. I know that there is a lot that I can still learn -- heck I only ran my first 5K last summer. I'm not even a year into this habit/hobby/obsession.

I would like to see some of our Saturday get togethers turn into not only runs, but times that we can share knowledge and know how. I'm thinking once a month a run and breakfast at Mary Jane's or CK would be a good idea. It would give us the chance to get to know each other better!!!

Let us know what you think: email

See you on the road!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Well tomorrow is the day-Valentine's Day. We've been getting anything red, heart-shaped, chocolate, and mushy you can get your hands on. The air has a perfumey aroma to it with all the L-O-V-E in the air. Everyone is all huggy huggy, sweety sweety, kissy kissy.

BUT-there are those who feel wronged or left out on Valentine's Day. With no mushy gushy gift, sweety pie to hug, or love song to sing. This can make them sad, blue, and even angry to the point of being a little, nutty~!

Answer this-how many times do we give OURSELVES a Valentine? Why should you wait on baited breath for the gesture of love from someone else? When it boils down to it, you should have love of self before anything, right? If you don't love yourself, why would anybody else love you?

Now I'm not talking about ravishing yourself in diamonds, sending yourself to the spa, taking yourself out for dinner, or serenading oneself in the mirror. But there are many ways to show self-love without being a little overboard.

That, Ladies, is what WOW is all about-a Valentine ALL the time! The best gift you can give to yourself and the people you love is better health. Your heart will literally be beating better by enjoying that exercise from your walks or runs. And guess what else? Not only will your ticker be tapping a little more, but you will be happier because of the seratonin you release during exercise. And we all know-if the lady is happy, EVERYONE is happy!

So I wanted to take a minute to say way to go for showing care for yourself by joining this group. We are about fitness, we are about fun, and we are about friendship. But most importantly-we're about celebrating the Fantastic woman in each of us that we care about.
Happy Valentine's Day all the WOW Women!

Hope to see you on Valentine's Day for our 7am run/walk!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pieces of a Great Big Puzzle!

Hi Gals-
I think Macae and I have been just overwhelmed and overjoyed with the number of you who are joining this group of women. WOW-WHOOP WHOOP!

The thing we keep telling people is All Women, All Ambitions, All Abilities.

Just getting a glimpse of some of you before getting to know you we saw this group to be so eclectic. There are so many age groups, backgrounds, professions, religions, etc.

We are truly this big huge puzzle of many different women, different shapes and we all fit in differently.

But, yet, we make it complete. The common bond is our womanhood and that we maybe feel, think, react, and desire some of the similar things in life.

A very unique thing I noticed at both of our previous events was there was no chaos of introductions associated with occupations, children, and spouses.

Each wonderful woman was there as herself, just wanting to do a little something for herself, and giving maybe an hour for that. We were all just united in being women with a purpose-

It's wonderful to be a woman identified for her other acolades-don't get me wrong. But as the Amy Grant song goes-Hats-we have so many of them we wear them for everyone and lose ourselves more or less.

On the road, at whatever speed, we are all just wonderful ladies.

So it's awesome to see this puzzle of so many different women just getting together to hang out and work out! It reminds me of that song-dare I say-I'm every woman. That's what WOW is supposed to be-EVERY woman who wants in this group-no conformity, no cost, no cliche, just join us and be yourself!

Hope to see you on the road!
Saturday, February 14- 7 am Warrensburg Community Center 2.5, 5, 7 miler
Sunday, February 15- 1 pm- 5K from Pat at UCM Jennies Soccer Field on DD

Monday, February 9, 2009

44 Members and Counting!

Whoop Whoop! The WOW is now up to 44 members! We're so excited to meet the new people soon and get together with our recently acquired friends again.

We decided that to keep the momentum going we are going to meet as scheduled on Saturday, February 14 for our 7 am walk/run. We know a.) it will be cold, b.) it is Sweetie Pie day.

But-if you get that early morning workout in, you will perk up your metabolism, so you can eat MORE chocolate on Valentine's Day!

The weather will be cold, but check visit Runners' World online to find out how to dress appropriately.,7120,s6-238-267-269-12420-0,00.html
I checked it out the day of the Polar Bear run and was toasty warm even in the 5 below wind chill!

We have a few things we are pondering and I guess the necessities of getting our club started.
1. How to contact everyone-(we don't want you to miss out on the good stuff!)

2.Identify who runs/who walks so everyone can have the best workout/experience!

3.Emergency contact information
Michelle brought this up and it is a very good idea.

For all of these reasons, we feel we need an official "roster" so to speak. In this roster we would like to include your First and Last Name, Best phone number, Address, Email, Emergency Contact Information, Identify Runner or Walker.
We will try to have a check off on our Saturday runs so if something were to happen we could account for who was there and how to reach their emergency contact.

This is all new to us-Macae and I are both teachers, and Michelle works at UCM and is married to a Highway Patrol Trooper. So between us we are trying to make sure we have covered our safety needs.

Michelle also brought up a good point-Please RSVP via email for runner safety so we're not pointing out that somebody might be there alone.

Ok-enough of the business stuff! Let's get down to the fun part-Getting to know everyone and working out!
Again, rsvp if you are interested in attending Miles for Matt-we are registering and planning our carpool. Next Wednesday may be the last day! If any of you WOW Gals think of anything else we need to address, just let us know!
Hope to see you on the road!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Watch out here we come!

The WOW had their first group run/walk today. It was wonderful-we had about 13 friends attend and even picked up a runner literally on the road!

Since we left at 9 am this morning, our facebook has had hits and we now have 18 members just via internet! Some of you haven't signed up-so I am thinking it's closer to 25-30!

This is so exciting and I think we all had a fun workout this morning. One of our members hasn't even moved to Warrensburg yet and is jumping on board-news travels fast about a good thing ladies!

We will keep you posted on plans for the run next weekend. We will also be needing to get a list of names who are going to Raymore on the 21st-I will drive and Macae might drive.

Sara is working on shirt designs-so we will soon have a team shirt!

Thanks again for everyone who is bringing friends and joining us-I have this vision of a pack of women running/walking/flooding the streets of Warrensburg-Watch out-here we come!

Hope to see you on the road!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Do it Anyway!

My sister Jen's Aunt Terry faught breast cancer for 20 years. And she kept on fighting . She even helped to train the women in her family to become advocates for the cure. But she lost her battle in October of 2007.

She knew she was facing a hard road-but she kept on fighting, living, breathing, and going on. She chose a life taking on challenges and obstacles instead of being passive against her struggle.

Isn't that a metaphor for life-we struggle and fight, and get up? Some battles are harder than others. Some, are literally, the battles of our lives. BUT WE DO IT ANYWAY!

When we ran in the Komen St. Louis Race we did it for Terry-and that was our tribute to her. Even though her family was hurting-they kept on keeping on for her. And they brought in new friends to fight for the cure-and now we have the WOW as a result of some of Terry's inspiration and sparkle! SHE is why I am here-she inspired me!

So-when we're facing the challenges and battles in life do we because there is a determination to persevere. No matter WHAT it is-falling in love, being broken-hearted, finishing a degree, reaching a goal, caring for a loved one, overcoming an obstacle-we keep going!
And as women-we are the care-givers, the lovers, the healers, the nurturers, the guiders,the teachers, the reachers, and the believers.

And no matter whether it is your first step on a walk, or your last step on a 10 mile run you do it-because Women just do it!

This song is the song that was played for Terry at her memorial, at our luncheon honoring her following the Komen race, and is on my iPOD, my sister Jen's iPOd, and I think is a testament to NOT GIVING UP!

Don't give up-You're so worth it!

If you're interested in joining WOW at the St. Louis Komen Race for the Cure or the Kansas City Komen Race for the Cure our pledge teams will begin being built soon! We are rearing to go and waiting on Komen to get the party started! Let us know and we can plan to have you on our team!
( there will be groups attending both events!)
Hope to see you on the road-

You Go Girls!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This Says It All Pretty Much-

Life is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.-Charles M. Schultz

Working on a Dream

Who didn't watch the Super Bowl?
I was loaded up with my plate of nachos when Bruce and the E Street band came on. Then they started playing Born to Run, and eventually, "Working on a Dream".
It struck me because it is a new anthem so to speak.
"I'm working on a dream
A dream that seems so far away"

And I realized that hey-I'm focused on this running thing-it's not just a crinkle in my attention span-it's something I really want to do and do for awhile.
Being committed to this way of life is not a band- aid for a big tush-it's health and fitness. For the long haul.
Every race I've been to is a commitment to that-that runners are not only fit, but they are happy and dedicated.
So-I'm trying to jump or hop on board!

Macae and I have been building and planning the WOW for several months. But something changed.

I came home from meeting with some wonderful ladies on January 31st and realized this idea had created a group of powerful females-some of them aren't with us yet-but we have friends who will be coming on board. Our club was born that day! I thank those of you who took the chance to follow our invitation. It's pretty simple I think-women/moms/wives need more, and it might not always be easily accessible or affordable. But we're hoping to keep it that way for all women who wish to join us. We aren't necessarily medal winners- but we're there!

So, the WOW was born on January 31,2009 to many wonderful women who are hoping to change their life in some way.

The Runners are meeting this Saturday at 7 am at the Warrensburg Community Center for a run-let us know if you want to join the fun!
I am going to talk to some walkers to try to set up a similar thing.

We brainstormed that Saturday walks/runs might work best for everyone at this time.

Our community is growing-invite a friend to join us-
We will be planning to meet before our next race events. And to the walkers-races aren't exclusive to you-they are open to walkers/runners.
We hope to see you there!

I saw a great quote the other day ladies-
"Pain is weakness leaving the body"

So when we push on-we are defeating our insecurities, downfalls, and instead building our triumphs, accomplishments, and conquering our fears!

I think we should give it up to WOW!- Whoop Whoop Whoop! YOU GO GIRLS!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting the Gear

As we were talking at Heroes the other day a few things came up about running gear -- First of all shoes, second of all wicking material, third "walkman" (yeah, you can't tell what generation I'm from), and most of all feeling like a "running hobo".

I got to thinking what a great reward for a run well done. Why not celebrate the accomplishment of competing in your first 5K, 10K, Half-marathon, or marathon with running wear? Seems like a good excuse to me.

Besides being a great reward, having the right gear can make a run all that much better!!! When I bought my first pair of Nike running pants it make such a difference in how the run felt -- Many of you don't have this problem, but some do -- when I put on these pants and went running nothing jiggled!!! The same can be said for a good sports bra!!! And the right shoes can make a great deal of difference in how your legs, knees, and hips feel after a run -- again as we talked about at Heroes -- the Nikes just DO NOT cut it!!! I will give my whole-hearted support to the Asics Gel Nimbus, I am on my second pair. I saw the Dr. not too long after I started running and he said to be sure to keep track of how many miles I put on my shoes and replace them often (he's a triathlete). Teri read the stats on wicking clothing, I let her extrapolate on that subject later. And who can run without a good set of tunes (if you don't have a running buddy)? I will include my current running playlist at the end of the post. I don't know how many times I have made it through the last 1/2 mile because of a good song!!! Teri has invested in that cool little contraption that tracks her run stats on her ipod. I use my blackjack II as my mp3 player so I invested in a pedometer, heart rate, mileage, watch and I love it!! (Wal-Mart, $40 in the sports section)

My thoughts are as you go make sure to get some good running gear -- YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Here is my current running playlist - it is very eclectic:
Rehab -- Amy Winehouse
So What'Cha Want -- Beastie Boys
Hold it Now, Hit It -- Beastie Boys
Pump It -- Blackeyed Peas
Don't Phunk With My Heart -- Blackeyed Peas
Subterranean Homesick Blues -- Bob Dylan
Lit Up -- Buckcherry
County Fair -- Chris LaDoux
Little Bit of Life -- Craig Morgan
Sin Wagon -- Dixie Chicks
Get Over It -- Eagles
London Bridge -- Fergie
Low -- Flo-Rida
All Jacked Up -- Gretchen Wilson
Paradise City -- Guns 'n' Roses
Let's Get Loud -- Jennifer Lopez
Rev It Up and Go-Go -- Jesse James Dupree and Dixie Inc.
Bad Reputation -- Joan Jett
Bawitdabe -- Kid Rock
Cowboy -- Kid Rock
Ramble On -- Led Zeplin
Kashmir -- Led Zeplin
Where Are We Runnin' -- Lenny Kravitz
Ray of Light -- Madonna
Hella Good -- Gwen Stefani
Que Te Pica -- Notch
Firestarter -- Prodigy
Superbeast -- Rob Zombie
Dragula -- Rob Zombie
Click Click Boom -- Saliva
Cherokee Boogie -- BR549
Shut Up and Let Me Go -- The Ting Tings
Let's Go -- Trick Daddy
Jump -- Van Halen
Dr. Feelgood -- Motley Cru
I think that is it!!!! Hope you can enjoy a few that I do -- there's a little bit for everyone -- sometimes I feel at little like I have multiple personalities!!!

Have a great run (or walk)!!!!