Monday, March 15, 2010

Green Grass of Spring

Hi Ladies-

Hope this finds you all terrific. My ancestry is Scotch/Irish, so I've always loved St. Patrick's Day.

That day became even more special with the birth of my daughter, Caroline Olivia, on March 17, 2000.

She has dark red hair, and deep brown eyes. What can I say-she's beautiful!

Her great grandfather passed away, and his funeral is on her 10th birthday. I'm trying to find a way to tell her how it's "ok" that Grandpa was ready to go.

So it reminded me, that sometimes we must go on. I heard a great quote- from a great friend actually!

Traveling is like reading a book-

If you don't travel-it's like only reading one page.

So I told Caroline this about Grandpa-he just needed to move on-so he wasn't "stuck" on one page. He had alzheimers-so this is VERY appropriate.

Ladies-don't get stuck-Travel. There is a beautiful story waiting for you to uncover!~ Turn the page!
This song is for Caroline's Irish ancestry, and her Grandpa Bob's love of Blue Grass.
Which by the way, country music is derived from Irish/Gaelic music. I learned that from being a Music Major back in the day! Also, my roomie and her Irish/Gaelic girls -this goes out to them!

Hope to see you on the road-



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Springing Forward!

Hello Ladies-

Haven't posted in awhile as work has been chaotic.

My thought is brief and to the point.
"Spring Forward"

I heard a great quote the other day-from Abraham Lincoln. Paraphrased, life isn't lived in your years but in the years you put into your life.

Matt's grandfather is very near his death bed-and I do believe he is on this eve of daylight's savings time, springing forward to something better. Grandpa was a farmer-so this photo is for him of a field perfectly tended, and him at rest with the crop planted and growing!

Hope you all feel the same!

Spring is on the doorstep-So spring forward to something better!

Hope to see you on the road!