Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling the Lull

Okay so it has been a terrible past few months for blogging, for being on facebook, for answering email, and for running. Unfortunately when life gets busy around me, my stuff is the first to go. Even last night when the husband had to make a Wal-Mart trip, I was waiting for him to go and get back so I could get my run in and by the time he did make it back it was too late for me to run alone. It is a challenge with softball, and FFA, and making dinner, and life to keep on the running track (pun intended).

So what did I do? I set a new goal. I want to lose those last few pounds -- yeah right, twenty -- that I had set out to in January. I am going to continue to work toward that goal -- my running slacked and I got off track, but I don't have to stay that way. I CAN make it to 165# by my birthday in July. I just have to decide to. I can keep running regularly, I just can't take "I have other things to do" for an answer. I am in control. (I figure the more I say it the more true it will be).

I am looking forward to the Hospital Hill Run and all the 5K coming up for the summer!!! My hubby also added Scottish Highland games to our summer schedule, so I figure I will just compete and round out my workout schedule with strength training. I guess it like Hannah Montana says (yes I have young daughters), "Life's what you make it!"

See you on the trail!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If not now, then when?

Well, I've unfortunately injured my foot more and am now looking at more time off from running. It was my own stupidity. But I had a reminder of what and why I'm doing this.
And I'm MAD tonight-
ANOTHER friend diagnosed with that nasty disease, breast cancer. What is the deal with this disease? The part of our bodies that makes us feel attractive, and sexy-helps feeds our babies, and then eventually, can bring pain and suffering to make people feel unfeminine-mamed-robbed. How is it that we can look at our breasts as something as such an asset to be ready to cut them off? Then to feel less than womanly?
Men don't have their "junk" taken away, robbed in that way. They don't nourish their babies with that organ, to only face it as an enemy. How could that be fair? It just isn't right!

So while I'm bummed, mad, sad, and mixed about being off running, I look at yet ANOTHER friend who is facing more scarey and troubling news.

I think we need to get together and meet. It's starting to feel like a personal thing-a challenge. I've had 4 friends the past several years now diagnosed-the reality is that "It"-ie "CANCER" is out there watching and waiting for lovely, strong, devoted, and caring women.

So the only thing we can do to defeat it is become educated, fight, and KEEP GOING!
There is a big research thing about water bottles in cars-DON"T DRINK FROM THEM! When they are warmed they release the toxins in the plastics. DO NOT DRINK FROM WATER BOTTLES!

CANCER puts all forms of slacking, self-pity and " I can't" in check.
We CAN- We WILL- We'll FIGHT this nasty, robbing disease.

My foot hurts-I know that if I don't take proper care of it, it will cause me more harm and more medical care.

But it makes me mad that another woman who is a friend is facing this, and while I'm looking out from my porch, she is scared for her life probably sitting with that light on tonight because she can't sleep-what is the justice in that? It just ticks me off!

So I'm gonna run this weekend. Whether I should or not-I'm mad. So I'm doing it for her. Anyone want to join me? The Komen races are coming soon-so my mom made the comment that "oh too bad you won't run this year"
NO WAY- I'm running-and I will add another name on my ribbons-so now I am running for 4 friends with Breast Cancer-and I am DAMN proud of them. I believe that a day of pain is worth it for them. I owe it to them to fight this cause-for them, my other 3 friends, and my 3 daughters who could face this demonic disease.

The best thing we can do when helping a breast cancer patient is fighting the fight and advocating women's health.

My foot might hurt, but by golly I'm cancer free and I'm gonna do it for them!

WOW women are Wonderful, On the Road, and Watching out for ALL WOMEN!

Love you ladies- Blessings, Good health, and Happiness to you all!