Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leading the Horse to Water

Hi Ladies-

Well, we've met some resistance. Although we've enjoyed the benefits of running/walking in our lovely community, a small minority view "road runners" as a a group similar to "spoiled-rotten-four-year-old brats."

Let's regroup-our purpose is to provide all women in our community a FREE, SUPPORTIVE group of women to exercise with. ALL WOMEN, ALL ABILITIES, ALL AMBITIONS! We want to be seen and enjoy the town we live in. We wish to be recognized as people who are reaping the benefits of living in a small community.

I truly believe we do consider safety at all measures when we run. And frankly-pedestrians do have the right of way. But with that being said, we don't surge in front of cars in blind abandon. We use reflective gear-run facing traffic, and run with a group if it is dark.

I know for each of you-when you exercise-you feel happy. Obviously, this writer does not know that or he would not condemn and attack it.

With that being said-BE SAFE-I am attaching a link for safety considerations when running on the road.

Hope to see you on the road-SOON!



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